12 Inspiring Photos of Space Exploration

In honor of today’s once in a lifetime and historic opportunity to see the retirement of NASA’s space shuttle Discovery at the Udvar Hazy National Air and Space Museum. I thought it appropriate to do a post on 12 photos (with links) all courtesy of NASA.gov that I believe help to illustrate the continued importance of the space program and its effect on both our progress as a people and our own individual lives. The sheer beauty alone is Awe inspiring….I hope you enjoy!!

Screen Captured Image of Shuttle Discovery Landing (live Online)4.17.2012

 The Shuttle Discovery at the Dulles Airport – Virginia 4.17.2012

Messier 70


‘Mount Sharp’ On Mars


 Saturn’s moons: Enceladus and Tethys 


The Sun – (Eruption larger than the size of Earth)


 The Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy in infrared light


Moscow at Night


Apollo/Saturn 501 Vehicle Preparation


(To find Image search keyword – Saturn)

Saturn V S-1C Stages in Assembly 


(To find Image search keyword – Saturn)

A Spiral Galaxy in Hydra


NASA Picture of the Day 4.17.2012



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