The Avengers: 3 Original Character Posters

When I was a little boy (about 5 years old) I learned how to draw from my mom’s old drawings, she drew when she was a teenager. I would sit for hours and look at the pictures of Donald Duck, Popeye, the Snow White Dwraves, and various other random cartoons as I would lay a piece of paper next to it and attempt to copy the image sketch by sketch as I saw it. Back then, a finished drawing would take me a day or more to complete….now I generally can sketch something out from start to finish in about an hour or so depending on what it is.

Since the new big thing right now is The Avengers (although not new to me by any means) I thought I would do some character posters to celebrate the movie going over a billion dollars world wide recently……and well just because they’re awesome and they inspire me to sketch.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂


May The Force Be With You


May The Force Be With You

I’ve been working with a new medium the past few days (pencil sketch & digital edit) and enjoying what I’ve been creating. If you’re interested, be sure to check out the “my portfolio” section of my blog for more pictures as I add them. Hope you like it. 🙂

Also, feel free to comment requests or send me an email with your ideas, if you’d like to see something in particular.